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A true P2E experience, with an exceptional card trading system and card battles that yield cryptocurrency.

World full of magic and mysteries

Schemes of Ink is an NFT play-to-earn trading card game where you own the cards you collect. Trade cards, build decks, and battle other players to earn cryptocurrency!

The version presented on the site is a very early alpha version of the game which is currently suitable for players who are familiar with trading card games. That said, in the near future, we aim to create the best NFT trading card game out there which caters to beginners and veterans alike. We plan to achieve that by building and improving on the beloved game genre.

Play to Earn

Ownership Of Cards


Free To Play

Win Cards By Playing

Easy To Learn

Competitive Gameplay

Variety Of Game Modes

Play On The Web Or Via App

Lore And Story

Play to earn and trading

The core philosophy of our game is that the players own their hard-earned progress and rewards. The players will have the ability to earn cryptocurrency by winning matches and mint the cards they’ve collected as NFTs to sell, or trade with other players. Rarer the card, higher the NFT value after minting, with a chance to get special gilded cards, which have their value increased even more.

easy to learn but competitive

A lot of the trading card games on the market are very complex and hard to grasp for beginners. By implementing a user-friendly interface and easy-to-grasp tutorials, while making sure to have a lot of room for the development of competitive strategies, we aim to create a game that will be welcoming to players who are completely new to the genre and seasoned veterans of TCG as well.

play to earn

easy to learn

game modes

Variety of game modes

Our game is going to have a wide variety of game modes, to keep the player entertained and engaged. Be it ranked play, the fun arena mode, or the enthralling story mode the players have a lot of avenues of playing and earning rewards.


Intricate lore and a story in one of our objectives while working on the game, as we understand the value that fleshed-out characters bring to games. That’s why we are going to have a Story Mode where the players will battle iconic characters to learn more about the sprawling world. Additionally, the players can learn more about the world and the characters inhabiting it by reading the entries in the Lore section.

Build your deck

Enter the fray with pre-made decks or build a deck to your own liking

match up

Match with other players to level up your hero or play through the thrilling story mode

cast spells

Summon minions and cast spells to dominate the battlefield and deplete the enemy Hero’s health points

The World

Your Hero

the world

There are many secrets hidden in the ancient books, between the dried parchment and among the wrinkled cards. Most of them are trapped in ink, the black substance that holds the mysteries. In the ink lies the eternal legacy of heroes and legends. It is a history trapped in time, which can be restored with a single twist of magic. For those who seek thrills and mysteries, may the ink be your guide!

Choose Your Hero


the world

the world

the world

There are many secrets hidden in the ancient books, between the dried parchment and among the wrinkled cards. Most of them are trapped in ink, the black substance that holds the mysteries. In the ink lies the eternal legacy of heroes and legends. It is a history trapped in time, which can be restored with a single twist of magic. For those who seek thrills and mysteries, may the ink be your guide!

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter


vorrok the maul


Vorrok The Maul is a ferocious bounty hunter, a former convict, and an arena fighter. Despite his tumultuous past, under that fearsome demeanor lies a compassionate soul who is ready to go out of his way to protect the weak.






Part of a group of raiders, Giari grew up to hate that lifestyle when his mother died during one of the raids. Alongside his pet monkey, Leon, he spends his days traveling through the Marsh scavenging resources to sell.




Elian Astrom


Elian Astrom was drawn to the idea of learning the secrets of the stars from childhood. As an apprentice astrologer, he realized that the boundaries of the academic society are limiting his studies so he sought the guidance of the Dragon Conqueror and became part dragon himself.

Holy Knight

Holy Knight




Born and raised by her blacksmith mother, Minerva didn’t like smithing much. While growing up she took interest in religious matters and joined one of the local seminaries. Her studies eventually led her to become The Senior Protector of the Boundless Spire.




Siege Baron


Siege Baron was the name given to one particularly lucky cinder Sprite. The ingenuity of the sorcerer-engineer Lothigga led to the creation of a highly advanced mechanical armor suit with the Sprite trapped inside it and given sentience.






A simple fisherman at first, Sohtahl became the Captain of an airship. During one of the test flights, a disaster occurred killing everyone on board. Sohtahl’s body was never recovered, but the magical crystal in his pocket, powered by his will, gained sentience and reanimated Sohtahl’s body.




Vizaya Wymrheart


Vizaya Wymrheart started as an alchemist but her thirst for power and knowledge led her to become something more than a human. An adept shapeshifter and a wise sorcerer, Vizaya spends her days roaming the world looking for secrets and thrills.




Calli the Muse


Born into a wealthy family, Calli the Muse had a knack for music from a very young age. In her teenagehood, she started a journey of finding inspiration, which led Calli to the kind dragon Sulhanna, who requested her to stay at her orchard for a while and become one of her muses.




Egon Graf


A petty thief from a very young age, Egon Graf was dragged into a life of villainy as his apprenticeship with a hunter ended up being not what he thought. Following an accidental murder of a town guard, Egon had to flee the city and found himself in the service of an evil forest spirit, hunting people to feed the ever-hungry spirit.






No one knows for sure how the Inkeater came to be. It says that it was created in a library, drinking the ink and with it the knowledge from the books. Although terrifying at first, Inkeater seems to be very laid back, willing to share and learn.

choose your hero

The Genesis Collection

Our release schedule will have 2 phases. We will start selling the NFTs of Genesis Collection Part 1 and Genesis Collection Part 2 before the launch of the game.

Part 1 will include 11,111 NFTs, around 2,222 skin variants for 5 heroes and after a period of time, Part 2 will go on sale with skins for the remaining 5 heroes.

The Genesis collection will launch on Ethereum Blockchain network, and later when the game launches they must be transferred to the Polygon network to use them in game.

Players who hold genesis collection will receive:

  1. A unique skin of the hero that players will be able to use in the game. The only way to get the Hero skins is via the Genesis collection. Players joining the game later will use the default hero skins and will be able to get skins only via the secondary market.
  2. Free 5 hero card packs of the hero that the player holds. In case you have multiple heroes you will get 5 hero card packs for each of them. By earning the cards players will have more cards when starting the game which will give them an advantage in the Ranked games.
  3. Before the Launch of the game Genesis collection holders will be able to stake their NFTs and earn $SMI. When the game launches players will be able to use $SMI for buying card packs or Arena tickets.

NFT Analytics and Whitelist marketplace Software

Inkpass brings you the power of web3.0 Data On-Chain and Off-Chain data analytics tool so that you can also get the insights of live and historic NFT trades and harness Artificial Intelligence to beat the competition and always stay one step ahead of the competition in NFT trading.

Together with that we bring the very first Whitelist Marketplace where nft brand owners, holders collide and collaborate with each other and come to a win win situation for all.

People who have access to the nfts and our tokens in their wallet will be able to use paid features of the software free of charge.


  • Working on the early Alpha version of the game.
    1. Desktop version only
    2. All cards are available
    3. No P2E and NFT elements
02 Opening Discord and Twitter
03 Launching a website and making an Alpha version available for download
04 Launching Genesis collection: 11,111 NFTs of hero skins
05 Starting the development of version 0.2 of the game
06 NFT staking to earn SMI before the launch of the game
07 Releasing animated series about the lore of the game
08 Releasing 3d models of the heroes
  • Launching the beta version 0.2 of the game
    1. Preparing web and app versions of the game
    2. Adding P2E currencies and card minting
    3. Balancing game with season 0 cards and 10 heroes
    4. Tutorial, Vs bots, and Ranked modes
    5. Shop and season 0 Card packs
10 Version 0.3 Adding Arena mode
11 Version 1 Adding Story mode and launching season 1 cards
12Adding new seasonal cards and Story chapters after 1 year


In Kirana Games, we aim to create the ultimate gamefi play to earn entertainment hub. Harnessing the blockchain’s power, we want to give the power back to the user. That’s, what we believe, is the only true path forward for the industry.  We have in-house web3 architects, marketers, artists, game studios, and gaming industry pioneers who are constantly brainstorming with financial economics and mathematics experts to build amazing projects with the right economy. The goal – truly rewarding play-to-earn experiences, that are also sustainable and uncompromising as we scale up.

In the pursuit to create the best NFT trading card game, we did extensive market research. During our research, we found a neat little F2P game called “Chroma: Bloom & Blight”. We really liked what the developers did for the game, so we successfully purchased all the assets and rights of “Chroma”. Our intention is to heavily modify the game to make it beginner-friendly and integrate the P2E and NFT mechanics.

Meet our team!

Aravindh Sridhar CEO
Has a 10 year experience creating and selling software online generating multiple millions in revenue. Product owner of - reputation management software platform.
Igor Cicarni Art Director
Working professionally with comics and manga for 20 years with works published in brands such as Marvel Cards (Avengers and Spider-Man), Dynamite Entertainment, DC Comics (DC Bombshells series and Heroes and Villains Cards). Invited to illustrate a number of trading cards to celebrate Ultraman's 55th anniversary in the USA.
Albert Hovakimyan Game Director/Lead Game Designer
Experienced Game Director with 5+ years of experience building both mobile and PC games.

Game Portfolio:
Dog Town - Over 89k+ Reviews
Candy pins
Pull and catch
Gang run
Evil Neighbour Ghost Escape
Evil Forest Ghost Escape
Rob Palmer Copywriter
Has written marketing copy for clients like Apple, Microsoft and Coca Cola.
David Boller Colorist and Consultant
David Boller was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland. After graduation from the Joe Kubert School in New Jersey, he worked for many of the largest comic book publishers like Marvel, DC Comics, Image Comics on popular titles like Spider-Man, Batman and Witchblade, as well as his creator-owned series Kaos Moon. David continues to create Web3 applications, NFT collections and work as consultant in the crypto space.
Sanket Mahagalviya Game Developer
I'm a passionate game developer, I had worked on the pipeline of game development 3d modeling, texturing, rigging, animation,3d assets integration in engine and game programming.
Peter Binstead
Peter Binstead Community Manager
Peter Binstead is an experienced community manager who has worked with multiple gamefi and blockchain projects.
Jobin Jose Game Developer
Jobin has over 20 years of experience in software programming and is experienced in many technologies. He has built many apps and games and been a team member on several software implementations. He enjoys programming and engaging in physical activities.
Luke Corden Consultant Copywriter
Luke's been quietly helping a number of businesses make significantly more money since 2013. He's not on the socials. You can't call him, @him, or slide into his DMs, and he's not for hire. His clients' success has made him insufferably lazy and embarrassingly overpriced. Which is why currently he only works with friends, clients who know, and the occasional determined business owner who manages to track him down via personal referral.
Afzal un Nayeem Chowdhury Game Tester and Researcher


Khaled Alroumi Advisor
Game Designer at and tokenomics expert.


What is Schemes of Ink?

A true P2E experience, with an exceptional card trading system and card battles that yield cryptocurrency. Schemes of Ink is an NFT play-to-earn trading card game where you own the cards you collect. Trade cards, build decks, and earn crypto!

Is the game free to play?

Schemes of Ink is completely free-to-play, meaning anyone can register and start playing without having to make additional purchases. But hero NFT holders will get extra rewards and benefits.

Is the game Play to earn?

YES. The main Play-to-Earn aspect of the game is through winning PvP matches, wins award rank points, which contribute to a rank up. As the player ranks up, their $SMI generation per win increases.

What token will the game use?

The players can earn two types of currencies: $SMI and $KIR ($KIR has a limited supply and is hard to earn). Players will be able to use the $SMI to buy card packs or tickets to Arena and use $KIR for minting the cards, to trade them on the Marketplace. Additionally, players will have the ability to stake $KIR and earn more $KIR.

What are Cards?

Cards are the backbone of the game. Cards are what the players will collect, mint, trade, and build decks with to battle other player

What are Card Packs?

Card packs are the most accessible way to expand one’s card collection. Card packs and the cards they can yield have season variations i.e. a Season 1 card pack will drop Season 1 cards. Each card pack, when opened, generates 6 cards of varying rarity and types. The rarity drop chance is the following:


Common – 50%

Rare – 30%

Epic – 15%

Legendary – 5%

Where to Acquire Card Packs?
  1. Completing the tutorial for the first time
  2. Completing Story missions for the first time
  3. Participating in the Arena
  4. Achieving Ranks for the first time
  5. Purchasing from the shop by using $SMI
How to mint a card to NFT?

The player can spend a certain amount of $KIR to mint a card they own, turning it into an NFT. The subsequent NFT then can be held by the player or listed on the marketplace for sale. During the minting process, there is a chance for the resulting NFT card to be upgraded into Silver, Gold, or Platinum frames. The special frames increase the value of the newly created NFT. The special frame drop chances are as the following:


Silver 10%

Gold 5%

Platinum 1%

When players mint cards, Can they turn it again into a playable card in-game?

Players will be able to continue using the minted cards until they trade them on the secondary market.

How many cards should a deck have?

To participate in battles, every deck should contain 30 cards

Are there gonna be new cards?

We are planning to release Seasons throughout the game’s life cycle as a means to introduce new cards and story content. On a season change, new cards will be added on top of the already existing cards. The newly added cards will introduce new abilities and create the potential for new synergies and strategies.

What will card battles be like?

It will be a turn-based card battle where players will use the cards of their custom or premade decks, set minion cards on the board, and by using those minions, and also weapon and spell cards to attack and destroy the enemy hero.

Will the game be available for mobile?

Yes, the game will be released on desktop and mobile.